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Accounting services - HR services

Starting a business

Do you run a smaller, larger business, regardless of its scale? Are you wondering whether you should sometimes outsource your accounting services to an external company, such as us, i.e. LinTax? You're in the right place. We approach each order comprehensively, carefully and with attention to the smallest details. Therefore, we offer a full and complete accounting service - the aim of which is that you will have more time for other duties related to running your business.

Perfectly equipped

In our technical back-up, we have specialized software that allows us to provide accounting services at the highest level. It is fully modern and, of course, licensed, that is - 100% original. What's more, we also create our own software if the situation so requires. Basically, however, we work with the following files: text, Microsoft Excel and Portable Document Format (PDF).

We use the most modern, licensed software to service our clients:

Full accountancy: Sage Symfonia 2.0 Cloud
Book of revenues and expenses (KPiR): Sage Symfonia Start 2.0 Mała Księgowość
HR and payroll: Sage Kadry i Płace One Payroll

HR and payroll

For communication with the ZUS system, we use the latest version of the Płatnik software..

We also create our own software

Importing accounting documents from text files, excell and pdf.
Importing bank statements in text, MT940 and pdf formats.
Verification of JPK reports and generating a report with confirmation ID for the posted documents

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