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Polish Order

The Polish Order will be introduced from January 2022.
Of the main changes:
* introduction of a higher health insurance contribution without the possibility of deducting it from tax,
* increasing the tax-free amount to PLN 30,000,
* raising the tax threshold from 85,000 up to 120 thousand zloty,
Below you will find a calculator showing the changes in the salary per hand

Polish Order Calculator
Input data

Monthly income
Monthly costs
Annual cost of ZUS (social security + labor fund)
Forms of taxation


Form of taxation Salary on hand now Salary on how Polish Order Wynagrodzenie na ręke Polski Ład 2.0
General rules - progressive tax
Winner winner chicken dinner

Details of the results - General rules - progressive tax

Kiedyś Polish Order Polski Ład 2.0
ZUS (Social + FP)
The tax base
PIT tax
A relief for the middle class N/A
A tribute in solidarity
Medical insurance

Total loads 1)
Monthly salary 2)
Monthly influence of the Polish Order
1) Charges = ZUS + PIT + Solidarity levy + Health insurance
2) Taking into account the monthly costs

Polish Order for IT

From January 2022, the flat rate for IT operations will change from 15% to 12%..
Types of IT activities that can benefit from the 12% flat rate: a) related to the issuing of:.
- computer game packages, excluding the online publishing of computer games..
- system software packages.
- application software packages.
- computer software downloaded from the Internet, excluding online software downloads..
b) related to consultancy in the field of computer equipment,.
related to the software,.
included in the grouping "Originals of computer software",.
related to software consulting,.
in the field of software installation,.
related to network management and information systems.

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