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Starting a business

Account books

Up to 5 records 450 zł 500 zł
Up to 15 records 650 zł 700 zł
Up to 30 records 750 zł 800 zł
Up to 45 records 950 zł 1050 zł
Up to 60 records 1250 zł 1350 zł
Up to 100 records 1800 zł 2000 zł
Up to 150 records 2200 zł 2400 zł
Over The price is set individually The price is set individually

Included in price

Declarations for a given accounting period: PIT,VAT
Shipping of the declaration JPK

How do we understand the entry?

Each accounting document
A day on your bank statement
A day out of the cash register
Other postings required by the Accounting Act

Extra activities

Sporządzenie sprawozdania finansowego 100% średniego miesięcznego wyna-grodzenia za obsługę rachunkową
Preparation of the Accounting Policy 490 zł *
Preparation of a corrective note 2 zł/item *
Preparation of additional statements/settlements 120 zł/hour *
Issuing an invoice / invoice correction 10 zł/item *
Support for ZUS / PIP / US inspections 120 zł/hour *

HR service

HR service – the first and last month of employment 80 zł/person *
HR service – regular billing 60 zł/person *
Preparation of PIT-11 50 zł/person *
Preparation of PIT-4 + ZUS RCA/month as part of the price of HR service
Preparation of PIT-4R 100zł *

Individual valuation of accounting services Wrocław

If you need an individual quote, please send an inquiry to
Information that will help us choose the best offer:
- Number of sales documents and the possibility of generating them (import option)
- Number of cost documents
- Number of employees and form of employment
- Required reports and frequency of delivery
- Preferred way of submitting documents

* The prices do not include VAT at the applicable rate
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