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As an office that comprehensively deals with the service of bookkeeping, we offer our various services to entrepreneurs and companies. Effectively and always with attention to the smallest detail, we provide services in the most effective and best possible way to relieve you from various duties that result from coordinating business activities. As an accountant in Wrocław, we offer first and foremost: keeping the KPiR, coordinating flat-rate records, preparing tax declarations, preparing financial statements.

Why choose us?

Many years of experience in the field of accounting, for example KPiR, commissioned by many different contractors, has led us to the point where we are not afraid of any challenges, on the contrary - we consistently carefully and precisely carry out and conduct subsequent tasks and orders. If you are looking for a good accountant, choose our services and you will certainly recommend them to others.

Keeping accounting books (full accounting)

It is the most extensive and precise recording system in which economic events taking place in the enterprise should be recorded and properly documented.
Full accounting is required for natural persons, partnerships / general partnerships of natural persons, partnerships that exceeded the agreed net revenue value of EUR 2 million in the Polish currency in the financial year.
All rules are regulated by the Accounting Act.

Keeping the tax revenue and expense ledger (KPiR)

A simplified form of keeping records of business operations, mostly used by small entrepreneurs.
It includes all types of revenues (resulting from the sale of goods / services as well as other revenues), incurred expenses (related to the functioning of the company), purchases of commercial goods and materials.
The KPiR should be run from the date of establishing a business.

Keeping a flat-rate register

This form of settlement with the tax office may be used by an entrepreneur who records only his income.
The possibility of using the lump sum covers only a selected group of professions performed as part of economic activity.
Wśród nich są budowlańcy czy stomatolodzy.
Regulations in this regard are included in the Act of November 20, 1998. on flat-rate income tax on certain revenues earned by natural persons.
The applicable lump sum rates (20.0%, 17.0%, 8.5%, 5.5%, 3.0%, 2.0%) depend on the services provided.

Preparing tax declarations

The scope of services provided by our office includes the preparation and submission of relevant tax declarations to the tax office.
PIT - Personal income tax.
CIT - Corporate income tax.
VAT - Tax on goods and services.
PCC - Podatek od czynności cywilnoprawnych.

Preparation of financial statements

In the case of full accounting, we will prepare a mandatory report that shows the actual financial and property situation of the enterprise expressed in money.
The financial statements are prepared at the end of each financial year and submitted electronically to the National Court Register.

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